What is life without its ups and downs? Stagnation. The ups and downs in our lives, the uphill battles are all signs that we are living, signs that we are progressing. In our lives there is one thing we must all come to accept and it is failure. In the past few years I have  come to embrace my failures. They remind us that we are not perfect. They act as our own checks and balances. When things are going great they make us feel grateful for our accomplishments and in our ruts they remind us that there is always more that can be done.

Effort and relentlessness are characteristics that have grown in value as I have entered adulthood. They make me realize that to some, things come effortlessly but with no gratification. The smallest accomplishments, I celebrate to the highest degree because every milestone, no matter how small, is a symbol of progress and a step closer to my ultimate goal. There is no reason to look down on those which do not seem to accomplish things at the same pace as one. Life offers different circumstances to all individuals. Who are we to judge those without a job or those who underperform. We are not always aware of the circumstances of those individuals, so why are we so quick to judge? Why don’t we offer those people the same benefit of the doubt that we so often yearn for when we underperform in our own lives?

The reason for this is that when we see somebody performing at a level below our own, we automatically assume that they are not doing enough, or we jump to the feeling of relief in knowing that somebody is doing worse than we are. In this life, we cannot better the human condition if we approach one another in this way. What good does it do us? How are we helping a fellow brother or sister in this life by looking down on their lack of success? Far too often do we approach our fellow neighbor in this way.

I am not one to blame you. I too am guilty of doing this from time to time, but like with all things the problem isn’t in doing these things, it lies in being oblivious to our actions and behaviors and not claiming any sort of responsibility for them. The more self-aware we become of our actions and behaviors, the more readily we can overcome our own downfalls and shortcomings and begin to help one another succeed rather than relish in others shortcomings.

The next time you find yourself in such a situation remember, their failure does not entail your success. When one of us wins, we all wins. When one of us fails, we all fail, so help one another in times of need and stop being so quick to pass judgement without fully understanding the situation.

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