New York, New York

A few weeks back I had the chance to visit the city of New York. The moment I stepped onto the city, I knew there was something different about it. The city felt alive. Not in the sense of constantly buzzing, never seeming to go to sleep; we all know this of New York, we expect it. The fact is that the whole of it radiates from within, almost magical seemingly trying to give a message, at least to those willing to listen.DSC_1011.JPG

Life offers us the opportunities to travel the world. We are creatures born to create, to inspire, to expand our horizons, and succumb to our curiosities. New York City, a place like no other, truly encompasses the nature of humanity, constantly evolving and adapting to its day and age. Walking into New York, you are bombarded with sensations and instantly overwhelmed with the timelessness of it all. Walking down the streets of New York City offer all who are willing to see with glimpses of the past, glimpses of the history.

We are always enthralled with the idea of time travel, wrapped in this perpetual notion of nostalgia yearning for the good old days. Not often enough do we stop and realize that we are constantly walking down our own histories. New York is just that; a city constantly holding on to little pieces of the past. Pictures nor stories nor movies grasp this. Nothing does it justice, not even this piece. Walking into the Empire State Building means walking into the Great Depression, it becomes far too easy to imagine the men walking onto the foundation and creating a monument which would inspire hope into a nation. Seeing the new Wold Trade Center makes one realize that it is more than just a building, it is an homage to all those which lost their lives in a terrible tragedy, but above all it stands to remind all those who see it, that America does now falter. 1776 feet of pride and nationalism standing almost defiantly against all threats reminding Americans that we will never falter. Monuments across the entire city tower over citizens, and down below people parade back and forth, up and down the streets and avenues making you realize that it is a city just like any other. For that reason it is spectacular. It reminds all those who have the opportunity to experience it, that the American identity is not in those things which we boast about; not our advanced technology, or economic strength, or our incredible infrastructure, it is found within each and everyone of us which call this country our home.DSC_0207.JPG

Americans across the nation make this country what it is. Americans before us, fought tooth and nail to preserve this country for us. Our ancestors all came to this nation in the search for liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every day that we live on these grounds, we honor those who came before us, and set the tone for the country in which our decedents will live.

New York is the beacon, the constant stubborn and relentless reminder of what this country stands for. What it will always stand for. What will will always fight for in this world.DSC_0002.JPG

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