The Path Not Taken

Hello to all those reading over this right now, before anything I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my posts whether new or old. Today I am posting for a purpose entirely different from the one you guys are used to, I would like to invite you to the sister page to the one we all know as The Aura Around Us. Today I have launched The World in Color, a page dedicated to exploring the art of photography. This is a platform for creativity and self expression. I invite you to follow this page and follow me on my journey to capture the beauty in this world. This was essentially the purpose of this page but it has slowly evolved into something far greater.

A few days ago I purchased a new camera with the purpose of taking up photography. I have absolutely no knowledge or skill in the area but I am making it my goal to take daily photographs of the world around me; to capture moments frozen in time seen through my eyes. Words are known to fail in describing the wonders around us and I have grown tired of this; this is what ultimately resulted in me making the impulsive move to buy a camera. I am hoping that through this platform I will be able to develop my skills. I encourage and ask all seeing this post to please click the link embedded above and follow the page and provide your feedback, professional or not, your words will be greatly appreciated in this journey.

I know not where this new objective will take me, but I hope you will follow along.

P.S. The cover photo on this post was taken on the first day with my camera!!!

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