Hidden Gems 

The world is full of obscure locations overshadowed by major franchises or trends of the moment; places that people overlook without knowing their true value. It’s truly amazing what we see when we stop and give ourselves the time to take it all in.

I am standing in the midst of a pulsating city that refuses to sleep. It’s more than easy to let myself become engulfed in the magnitude of the concrete jungle and the anonymity of the crowd. I make it my mission to stop where I stand and find the gem hiding among the rocks. These are the things that add variety to our lives, the things that remind us that the world is not a monotonous place of conforming but in reality a dynamic and diverse place thriving with life.

We must let ourselves become enveloped in the complexity of life not consumed by its austerity. I have stood in the midst of crowds, overwhelmed by the seeming uncontrollable flow of people and energy, unable to make sense of it all. Nothing creates more fear within us humans that the feeling of powerlessness and the knowledge that the reality is that not much of our lives is within our sphere of control. I find beauty in knowing this. It is a sense of peace knowing that the great span of my life is somehow beyond my control. Knowing that despite the error in my choices that all will turn out alright in the end.

This is the beauty in life, and in death, and in the world around us; in those gems hidden just past our range of awareness. Harness you feelings, harness the infallible certitude of fate, and when this fails to suit you realize that there is beauty in every mistake and in every fall. There is nothing wrong with the way in which we view the world, it simply allows us to cope with our existence, but always be aware that beyond this perspective lies another perspective which shines a light onto new things, new emotions, new sights. Life is far more than what we each make of it individually. We have these hidden gems within us. It’s not a matter of looking for the things we overlooked with our eyes, but rather, a matter of looking within ourselves and realizing that the only thing holding us back and blinding us to other truths is ourselves being afraid to embrace the full complexity of life.

There is beauty in hopelessness and feelings of no control. Accepting this allows us to live free lives and at the end of the day, despite our goals, this is the life we all hope to live;a free and glorious life full of happiness and accomplishment; all entirely attainable from within. It is all about the little things: a bench in the park, flying above the clouds, the smile on a stranger’s face, or cozy bar on a corner street. What can we discover about the world around us when we choose to look within ourselves and find those hidden gems.

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