To Create or To Destroy

Our existence is enveloped in the duality of life. To live or to die, or rather, to understand that to live means to die. Everything has its time to go, but with everything that goes something new is born. This is the cyclical nature of life; a fact we must all embrace at one point in our lives or another. The birth of a child, the death of an elder, a dying plant, or a budding rose, rise and fall of the sun and moon; signs around us all hinting at the ironic truth we choose to blind ourselves to.

We are aware of these things, it’s in everything around us, but our own minds cannot bear to live knowing that the ultimate destination for us all is a grave. We lives our lives day to day until one day something happens; something so terrible our worlds shatter and our perspectives are redefined and we are able to accept that the thread that binds us to this earth can be snapped. This is not something we should fear. We should embrace the frailty of our lives, allowing us to truly enjoy the moments that we do have with the people around us. Beyond this, understanding how evanescent our existence truly is serves as reminder to not take anything in this life for granted.

Despite humanity being so frail, we must also take into consideration things on the flip side. In our frailty we find strength. Knowing that things can end so quickly makes us truly see how strong humanity is. Looking at the current global situations, the immigration crises, the civil wars, the genocides humanity has endured, one can see that we are a resilient, strong standing people,capable of overcoming all that is thrown our ways. We adapt, we grow, we learn, and we move onto greater things. Life cannot be extinguished.

This is the point I am trying to make. Despite all the hardships in our lives, the history of our kind, or the tragedies of the world, humanity has continued to thrive and prosper on this earth. With death comes life. That is something we must never overlook because above all the hatred and darkness in this world, is love, hope and light urging us to keep pushing onwards, and reminding us that in the end:

100-best-life-status-for-whatsapp-in-english-03L I F E  C A N N O T  B E  E X T I N G U I S H E D.

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