Endings or New Beginnings

This post got lost in my drafts and is a month too late, yet I feel considering the current global situation, the content is still applicable.

The ending of a year always brings feelings of nostalgia and anticipation. The ending of a chapter in our lives yet the beginning of another. How we look at this situation is dependent on how we choose to analyze the situation. We have found ourselves in a cusp. With our new president elect, the current international situation, and the ever growing horizontal inequality, we find ourselves surrounded by uncertainty. Now more than ever, we must face the upcoming year with solidarity and resolution. We must make it known and heard that we will not stand down in the face of discrimination and disenfranchisement, the violation of human rights, nor the ignorance to social issues. This will not be the ending of a year, but the beginning of a new movement and a new day. This is our time, lets make of it a social revolution. A revolution from within and without. Before we can change the world and influence those around us, we must truly and deeply be connecting with ourselves. Who are we? What is our purpose? What do we want from this life? By understanding these things we can emerge stronger and wiser, ready to take on the world. Strength always comes from the deepest corners of our selves; it is not measured through weights but through resolution and decisions.

Strength lies in the masses; together we can shape our future. One choice, one step, an unlimited arrangement of possibilities. This is my call to you, the question is, what will you make of it?


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