We Craft our own Prisons 

Often times we feel as if our simple existence is magnetized; our lives positively charged but the calamities of life are negatively charged and like all things in life, opposites attract. The better that things begin to go for us, the harder that things hit us when the go wrong. 

Despite knowing that “this too shall pass” we fall into a spiral which only seems to go downward, but we have to always listen to the little voice in the back of our minds that pushed us upwards and out of our own sorrows. Things aren’t always as bad as we make them seem. We craft our own prisons full of our deepest fears and crushed aspirations.

Right now, I find myself struggling to accept the same advice I have just offered, no matter what I tell myself, the light beyond this darkness seems all to far away. One accomplishment is followed by ten disappointments, but I am here bearing witness that I will not give up. There is always a time to give in and say that is it, but I will never do that to myself. I, like all those before me, must accept that life will go on and the only choice we will consecutively hold is whether we will continue onwards with it, or be left behind and forgotten.

I have crafter my own prison, but I have realized there is no lock on the gate, there is no prison guard holding my hostage besides myself. I can bring myself the joy necessary to break free and so I will do. In the face of adversity I will smile and greet him like an old friend, knowing all his tricks and deceptions and make the passing of time a game.

We are all strong and capable of breaking out of our own prisons. Prisons that have been crafted by our own insecurities and our own deceptions. Our minds are so powerful that we make ourself a believe that we have no choice but to succumb to our imprisonment, but like many things in our lives, it is all nothing more than an illusion; a cheap parlor trick, the work of fog and mirrors, and when it is all said and done we are sitting on our hands in the back of our minds simply scared to face the truth.

Be strong. Be brave. Be you. Nothing can hold you back in this life besides yourself. Break the shackles that bind you and run arms open wide ready to embrace freedom and welcome into your lungs the sweet smell of hope. 

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