4:53 AM and the Palms are Singing

Almost as if time had stopped for an instant, the palms ceased being ravaged by the wind. Things continued in their natural motions, yet the palms moved as if encased in amber, entranced in an anomaly of time struggling to wave their green tendrils. I was almost as if they were fighting to greet their sole visitor.

I sat there staring, amazed at their resilience and their insistence on being heard and in that moment the palms were singing; singing their sweet melody, the one that has accompanied me from birth. I first heard their sweet voice on the eve I was born, their song playing through my mind in my toughest moments and in my brightest of days. In that moment I knew they were rejoicing at my being there, the sand in my toes and the wind on my face and the chorus of their leaves rustling in perfect harmony. They greeted me, daughter of the earth, back to her origins.

There has never been anything more beautiful than this quiet moment of peace away from the city and the constant cacophony of colliding energies. Here, all was quiet except for the whispers of nature, even time went silent and I found myself encased in amber, hindered from movement incapable of resisting the influence of nature in all of its glory. I simply stood there at loss for words and overwrought with emotion listening to the chorus of palms welcoming me back to my home.

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